spring glow

Earlier this spring I made a present for my sister for her birthday – this Spring Glow Wrap.

Spring Glow Wrap

This is the same pattern as the Purple Glow Wrap, which you may remember, but of course this time I made it in a lovely fresh spring green yarn. I’m quite pleased with it – it’s so comfy and soft but light enough that it’s good for transitional season weather. 🙂


all hail the glow

Glow WRAP, that is! In this case no clouds are involved, and in place of possibly nefarious doings, we have a drapey, lacy wrap to accent your favorite fall outfit or complete your WTNV cosplay.

Purple Glow Wrap

Being distracted by glow clouds and hooded figures like many of us are, having an easy-to-knit project is always welcome. This pattern is so easy to memorize, you’ll wonder if you did it yourself or if it happened while you weren’t 100% in control of your own mind. Perfect for travel or TV knitting, this wrap will fly off your needles at an almost-supernatural speed.

Sock yarn is one of those things – you don’t really seem to remember buying more of it, but when you look at your stash, there are more hanks than you could swear you saw the last time you looked. Maybe the faceless old woman who secretly lives in your home put it there? No matter, best to just pick up your needles and create an airy wrap to drape around your neck (or one of your five necks – we’re not judging). Sock yarn with a merino/nylon mix works especially well with this pattern, as the nylon gives the wrap an elasticity that drapes wonderfully.

In the meantime, ALL HAIL.

Purple Glow Wrap

Pattern available on Ravelry, Etsy, LoveKnitting, and Craftsy.