review: Dresden Carnival

Dresden Carnival

Dresden Carnival: 16 Modern Quilt Projects *Innovative Designs* by Marian B. Gallian and Yvette Marie Jones

Dresden plates are a classic and these designs play with the original idea in a variety of ways. Many but not all of these designs are floral – dresden plates lend themselves so well to floral motifs – and range from very traditional to more modern. This book includes pattern pieces (which could be copied or traced from the page) throughout as well as larger pieces in a perforated section (for easy removal) in the back.

full disclosure: I borrowed this book from the Capital Area District Library through the awesome MeLCat ILL system


review: Quilt Giving

Quilt Giving

Quilt Giving: 19 Simple Quilt Patterns to Make and Give by Deborah Fisher

Many people, myself included, love to make quilts to give as gifts. It’s fun and gratifying to create the quilt in the first place, but sharing it with someone else is gratifying on another level. The nineteen projects outlined here are relatively easy to cut and put together, so the time investment shouldn’t be too daunting. Some quilting basics are provided, including a few piecing techniques used in some of the quilts. Also included is a short section covering things to consider when making a quilt as a gift, such as considering size and shape and selecting materials. Most of the patterns are minimalist and/or modern but designs have been included for a range of audiences – some are clearly aimed at children or parents of infants, for example. I’m usually one to make up my own pattern rather than following someone else’s, but many of these quilts are very appealing, so I might make an exception in this case.

full disclosure: I borrowed this book from the Monroe County Library System through the awesome MeLCat ILL system