Review: The Mexican Slow Cooker

The Mexican Slow Cooker

The Mexican Slow Cooker is a book of “recipes for mole, enchiladas, carnitas, chile verde pork, and more.” I am all about Mexican flavors and foods, and the slow cooker is becoming our go-to meal prep tool (I say we and I am totally guilty of using the royal we – K does almost 100% of the cooking in our house right now), so this book seemed a natural fit. I will also admit that my expectations for slow cooker meals are that the prep time is going to be very minimal and the meal will, almost totally, make itself while we are at work or doing other things. Sadly for us, this book doesn’t follow the same philosophy, as many of the recipes require a lot more prep time than we are interested in doing or have available. It is laid out in a sensible way – there are a lot of basic meal components and recipes that build on those components. Unfortunately, a lot of the components themselves take hours, and then the recipe that includes two or three of those components takes another hour or more. This is just way beyond the amount of time we have available and are willing to devote to preparing food. To sum up: a lot of these dishes look delicious but require so much time to prepare that we will never make them.

Full disclosure: I received a copy of this book from Blogging for Books.