Thrift Score: Operation Pants

I finally caved and tried on a bunch of things in my dresser this morning and found, as I knew I would, that none of them fit anymore. I’ve been steadily losing weight over the past months since going on this new eating plan and it appears that in terms of pants, I am now a size 6. That seems like crazytown to me, but I’ll take it. This meant, though, that I now own just one pair of recently purchased jeans that fit and two pairs of black chinos that are only a little bit too loose. And I decided that it was time to give in and find a second pair of jeans, at least.

I was feeling inspired by both my limited budget and Carrie Anne’s recent Thrifted Closet post, so I headed over to the local SalvA and started going through the katrillion pairs of jeans they have in the women’s section. Seriously, there were aisles and aisles just of jeans! And of course they’re not in any order, so I scanned for darker colors and made several trips to the dressing room (strict limit of 5 items per visit!) and ended up with – you guessed it: one pair of jeans that fit. I’m sure I missed many pairs that might have fit but the racks were really packed and it was challenging to find the size tags on some pairs. I also found a pair of denim-ish dressy-ish pants that also fit. Lucky day for me: the jeans that fit were half off of $5 and the pants were only $1 (they were pretty wrinkled but otherwise fine).

I also looked through some other stuff while I was there, and actually found a few other items. My long-ago job of hanging clothing for Goodwill gave me a good eye for going through apparel and picking out the gems. I just have to muster the patience! Of course I went looking in the sweaters, of which there were also multiple aisles. First, I found this 100% cashmere, brand new sweater:

cashmere sweater (too big)

Unfortunately it was a size L and just too big for me (note that I am wearing two shirts already underneath).

I also found at this lovely red argyle cardigan:

argyle cardigan

It’s supposedly a Petite Small, but it fit just fine! It was also in the half-off sale and was originally only $6 – definitely a good deal.

Then I noticed that they had *gasp* a whole rack of SWEATER VESTS! I have been admiring/coveting Kristin‘s kickass sweater vests for quite some time, so I was thrilled.

neat pattern sweater vest (wrong shape/too worn)

This one was a neat pattern, but ultimately not the right shape for me and a bit too worn to justify the $4.

Then, though, there was this one!

argyle-ish sweater vest

Which not only fit well but is also a bit of an adventure for me color-wise. It’s got a dark purple base, but the other colors are out of my comfort zone. I splurged and spent a whole $6 on this item.

There was one other sweater vest that stood out, but was definitely not my scene:

very patriotic sweater vest at Salvation Army

I’m sure some ardent patriot will snap it up for election day!

So, all told: $13.21 including tax for a pair of jeans, a pair of slacks, a cardigan, and a sweater vest. It took some time invested, but I think it was a worthwhile trip. And now I will have at least three pairs of pants that actually fit!