FOs for a friend

This weekend I attended a friend’s wedding shower and was so happy to present to her a gift that I mostly made myself.

dishcloths for Sarah

I created these four dishcloths using two patterns available on Ravelry. I picked colors that go with the kitchen items that were on their registry. Personally, I always appreciate a gift I can use, and I find these dishcloths so handy to have around the house myself (I use them for almost any cleaning purpose).

Dishcloths and organic detergent

I packaged them in a basket along with some earth-friendly detergent made with aromatic herbs – who doesn’t love the fresh scent of lemon verbena! You can’t see it in this photo but the second bottle has a green label that also matches the dishcloths. I hope that she and her soon-to-be husband find them useful!



This year for xmas I asked for a custom made apron from Sarah at the Cornish Hen. She does beautiful work and I wanted something to keep myself from getting so messy while practicing my cooking and baking skills.


I made cookies recently while K was doing more painting in the dining room and actually remembered to snap a couple of photos of the apron while I was at it. The design of this apron is genius! It’s gathered on the sides, so the straps slide through and are completely adjustable. You can put the top as high or as low as you want to, and you can tie the ends wherever it suits you.


I like to have my entire front as covered as possible, so I hike that thing way up. I also prefer to have things tied above my natural waist (I hate tight things at my waist!), and this apron allows me to tie it empire-waist-style. So comfortable! As you can see, Sarah put contrasting fabric on the ends of the ties, as well as contrasting layers of ruffles at the hem. So cute! There’s also a nice deep side-access pocket which is perfect. If I forget to take off my rings before I get started, I can slip them in the pocket and know that they will not fall out. It’s also handy for carrying my phone in an accessible place. These photos are awkward and don’t do the lovely fabric justice – it’s just beautiful! I highly recommend checking out Sarah’s shop.


what’s eating you?

(I said to the Butterfly Bush ‘Black Knight’.) I noticed recently that something has been chowing down on the leaves!

something is eating the leaves of my butterfly bush

Anyone have any ideas? The plant is blooming and bigger than ever this year, and has been attracting butterflies and hummingbirds and even a hummingbird moth (Sarah, I thought of you when I saw it and was so happy to know what it was!), so I’m not worried about it too much, but I’d like to know what’s snacking on it.



I made quite a bit of time for sewing this weekend and I’m so glad I did. I really need to make a concerted effort to do so more often. Sewing is so satisfying for me and I feel like I’m teaching myself new tricks and techniques and it’s so fun to learn new things.

For starters, I made this Pink Pooch dress:

Pink Pooch Dress for Blythe 3/52: yet-unnamed MRB modeling the Pink Pooch Dress

I love the dog fabric and I was so pleased that I happened to have on hand this pink polka dot fabric that matched perfectly. I was originally just going to use it to line the bodice (which I did) but then decided that I wanted to make a second layer of skirt to show it off. I think it turned out quite well. Here you can see my new-to-me (and yet-to-be-named – suggestions welcome!) Mademoiselle Rosebud Blythe (thanks again to my pal Kristen for letting me take her off your hands!) modeling it and hanging out with her own pooch.

Next is the Aster dress:

Aster Dress for Blythe

Isn’t this flower fabric awesome? I love that it’s retro but not over the top and I think it works really well as the skirt of this dress. I sewed beads on at the center of each flower (which on the fabric is the same color blue that the beads are) and then added two on the bodice where buttons might otherwise be. This dress is pretty simple but I’m quite pleased with the result.

Then we have the Sew Buttons dress:

Sew Buttons Dress for Blythe

When I saw this fabric I knew I needed to make a Blythe dress from it. To me it’s crafty without being too cutesy – I think the 70s color scheme makes it work. I love the little bits of lime green in the pattern and I think the ribbon I put around the hem brings them out nicely. I also attached yellow and orange buttons where they occur in the print – I’m so pleased with the effect. I named this one for Sarah, who I think will appreciate this dress.

Finally, there’s the Sweetheart dress:

Sweetheart Dress for Blythe

Valentine’s Day is coming up and since I don’t really exchange valentines with people anymore, I felt that making some Blythe clothing was a perfect opportunity to indulge my attraction to this heart fabric. And you can’t go wrong with rick-rack!