prototyping Shirley

(Don’t call me Shirley!) I recently had a request from a Blythe enthusiast to create a sundress pattern for Middie Blythe. I love a challenge with a concrete goal, and this sounded fun anyway, so of course I accepted.

I haven’t written a pattern for anything with this type of straps yet, so this was a start-from-scratch-er.

Shirley Dress for Middie Blythe prototype

The first prototype is a little big all around. The armholes are too large and droopy underneath, the bodice is too long, and the whole thing is too big around/not fitted enough.

Shirley Dress for Middie Blythe prototype

I also need to add shaping to the bodice and I’m not 100% satisfied with the stitch pattern on the skirt, especially combined with the picot bind-off I used. Lots of things to revise for version 2!