Middie dreaming

So I’ve been considering getting another Blythe at some point for quite awhile, but I still haven’t decided which one I’d like. And lately, I’ve been noticing that it would be nice to have a second Middie so I could have two in the same photograph at the same time. I’m not sure which one I’d want yet, but the three that have risen to the top of my interest are:

Yellow Marshmallow
Yellow Marshmallow

I like her bobbed hair – one of the shortest hairstyles of any stock Middie, I think, possibly with the exception of Jackie Ramone, who I already have.

Little Lily Brown
Little Lily Brown

Guess what? I’m also drawn to this doll’s shorter hairstyle. I’m just not feeling the knee- or floor-length hair right now.

and lastly, Lena Elena
Lena Elena

Her hair is on the longer side but there’s something about her that I like.

So, which one is your favorite? Anyone have one or more of these and care to share an opinion?


dolly mail!

It’s always nice to get things in the mail, especially when it’s something you’ve been looking forward to having. I don’t tend to spend much on doll things these days – mostly I pick up the odd piece of furniture at a yard sale or the dollar store. However, as I’ve been trying to expand my skills in the styling department and as I try to improve my photos for knitting patterns, I’ve seen a need for more accessories. Mostly I have been lacking for tights and socks, especially plainer ones that work well for pairing with a variety of other items. Since my pattern sales have been doing pretty well I deemed this an appropriate use of funds.

Dolly mail from Hello Cool Cat

Dolly mail from Dollcat

Hooray! Look at all these lovelies! I go through snaps at a somewhat alarming rate, so I figured while I was placing an order, I might as well get some of those, too. And the jeans are something that I don’t really have any of for Blythe yet and they seem like a good piece to accompany sweaters, so a logical fit for my Blythe wardrobe.

The Middie tights I got from Hello Cool Cat are so awesome! They fit perfectly and have enough stretch that they are super easy to put on. I would absolutely buy them in Neo Blythe size. I also really like the cotton tights I got for Blythe (one pair in white, one in pink). They’re really well made and their simplicity makes them ideal for layering.

What have you gotten in dolly mail lately?


sweet peas

While I was in Bozeman, I managed to squeeze in a quick trip downtown to visit the local yarn and quilting shops, both of which were quite nice and had friendly, helpful staff.

Sweet pea art at Stix in Bozeman #tcli
This piece of art was hanging on the wall at Stix, the yarn shop. The proprietor said that they had an art contest at a recent sweet pea festival, this being her entry. Pretty neat! I also found some locally made yarn there.

I also visited the Main Street Quilting Company, where I found the most helpful fabric shop proprietor I’ve ever encountered. She immediately asked about what I was working on and after finding out that I was visiting from out of state, pointed out some locally produced quilt blocks. I am trying not to expand my stashes of yarn and fabric too much at the moment, but did find a few small things that seemed reasonable and, let’s face it, probably necessary.


guest room bedding quest

We’ve been trying to figure out what we want to do for bedding in the newly redone guest room (which is actually not quite done yet). Previously we had a mild green duvet cover over an old comforter that K had before we got together. It’s okay, but it’s one of the flattest comforters I’ve ever seen and to me, it’s not as rich as I’d prefer. Anyway, we’re not thrilled with the light green color, so we’re going to replace the comforter. The existing sheets are off-white and light tan, which should go well with whatever else we choose. So far these are the contenders:

1. Micro suede comforter:

microsuedePROS: warm, easily cleaned, pretty neutral texture-wise
CONS: possibly too warm for all year ’round, not super interesting

2. Down comforter with quilted square pattern:

down comforterPROS: warm, pleasing texture/pattern without being too busy
CONS: possibly too warm for all year ’round, possibly an allergen for some guests?

3. Satin-y comforter with circles pattern:

Wyldwood with circles

PROS: interesting pattern, comes with extra pillows, ridiculously inexpensive
CONS: too much pattern?

4. IKEA Karit:

IKEA Karit

PROS: reversible (added flexibility)
CONS: too simple, possibly cheap-looking?

So, if it were up to you, which would you pick? What kind of bedding do you prefer? Or have you seen something else better?


solar gargoyles

I’ve been looking for ideas of some non-stupid yard art to possibly add when we do front-yard landscaping next year. I had no idea that solar-powered gargoyles were such a popular item.

The Night Guardian Gargoyle Statue is solar-powered and, I think, would make a nice addition to our front stoop (one on each side).

Target has another solar-powered lighted gargoyle option: the Keeper of the Flame.
This guy appears to be a gargoyle druid or something. Very Henson-esque.

And Sears even has this different spin on the solar gargoyle (which looks to be whatever you’d call a gargoyle pup):
“I’m scary, but too cute to be truly menacing!”