Simplicity 2353 first pass

So Simplicity just came out with a new pattern especially for Blythe. K picked it up for me at the Lob last week and I finally had time today to try it out (he got a spare which I sent to my sistrah).

Got it! (One for me, one for my sistrah)

The pattern seems well made overall. It does the usual thing that Simplicity does of using the same pattern pieces for multiple views as much as possible, but with over a dozen pieces of clothing to make, that still adds up to a lot of small pattern pieces. When I make my own patterns I don’t always make patterns for everything – I make a pattern for each piece that has to be exactly the right size and eyeball the rest. So this Simplicity pattern has a lot more exact pieces than I’m used to working with anymore, but it’s not too bad.

I opted to make the view E shorts and view D top.

26/52: eat my shorts

Of course I didn’t follow the pattern exactly – it included trim on both of these pieces and I was interested in seeing how they looked without embellishment. I like the lounge-y look of both pieces, and I think the gathered top is a cute style. I’m not a huge fan of elastic waists – they end up being pretty bulky, which this one definitely is. Still, I think this outfit works well.