WIP Wednesday

My current art quilt project is coming along!


I have finished piecing the sections of the sky portion of the background, and now I’m working on the sea portion. I designed this quilt to be pretty large and this is the part of the process where I think, why did I do that? It’s working out fine, though, and actually the sea is coming together pretty quickly. Once the sea is done, I’ll piece the sky sections together and then connect the sea and the sky and create the land that will be on the right side of the background.

The sky is made of square pieces, so I chose to make the sea rectangles for some variety. I also chose to piece the sea on the diagonal, which I hope will add some feeling of the movement of water to that section.

Feeling that I don’t have as much time to work on this as I’d like has me convinced that after this project, I will focus on some smaller pieces. Not that they’ll necessarily end up taking any less time, but perhaps they will feel quicker?