It’s been ages since I photographed Ellis, because she is not looking her best at the moment.

This has been true for some time, but I’m finally making the time to do something about it.

Ellis's chin

It’s quite difficult to photograph, but as you can hopefully see, her chin is smudged – or something has happened to it, at any rate. This happened several years ago, and I think it happened at a meet-up I attended. When I got home from that meet, anyway, her chin was not looking okay anymore. (I feel like maybe someone touched her chin with a wet finger, like in the way a mom would rub a child’s face to remove a bit of schmutz?)

I’ve been in touch with her original customizer, who is not doing customs at this time, and have her blessing to have another customizer fix her up. I could attempt to fix her myself, but I have no experience with face ups and I am just too nervous about messing her up!

I am not displeased with her look at all and would really just like to have her looking uniform again, though of course I understand that many customizers will want to put their own stamp/look on her. I’m not a fan of oversized lips on Blythe, so I wouldn’t want her to be carved much if at all. Really it’s just the surface of her face-up that needs work.

So I’m in the market for customizer recommendations and I’d love to hear any suggestions anyone has!