soy sky

You guessed it – more stash-busting! And another giveaway!

Soy Sky Hat

This hat is made from yarn that is 70% wool and 30% soy. The soy makes it very smooth, almost slippery.

Soy Sky Hat

This pattern was designed for this particular yarn, so of course it works quite well with it. Personally, though, I just don’t love knitting with this yarn. It’s too slippery for my taste – I like my yarn to grip the needles a little bit more. It also doesn’t have quite as much give as I prefer, so the finished object is the size it is, rather than being somewhat flexible. On the upside, it’s really breathable, and not scratchy like some wool blends. So, anyone out there with a roughly 21″ head want a hat? Let me know if you do!