The Spider and the Girl

More Halloween! Are you getting sick of it yet? I’m not. Here’s another spider-themed dress, which I have dubbed The Spider and the Girl:

The Spider and the Girl Dress for Blythe

This lime green ribbon with black spiders is so much fun. I think it looks like the spiders are dancing along, having a grand old time. I selected the bodice fabric because (a) it is the same green as the ribbon and (b) it has a dotted line/swirl motif that is very spiderweb-esque. I just found this spider embellishment recently and jumped out at me as perfect for this dress.

The Spider and the Girl Dress for Blythe

I picked this fabric for the skirt because it reminds me of a tiled roof, like you  might see in a Gorey illustration, and I can just picture spiders creeping up the tiles, all stealthy in the night. Creepy!

The Spider and the Girl Dress for Blythe

I also finally got around to making a mask with the Puchi Collective template. I used felt and attached a pipe cleaner handle so that Blythe can hold it herself. I think it’s pretty cute!


Halloween Beasties

This summer I went to a Blythe meetup (my first) and I thought it would be nice to make a little something for each of the people there. I didn’t have tons of time, though, and I didn’t want to go too over-the-top, so I figured that beasties would be perfect. I made a bunch of them:

Horde of Beasties on the Macbook

I sort of love them! There are a few Beasties posted in our Etsy shop right now, and one of my sistrah’s friends noticed them and asked if I could do a bat and a couple of spiders. But of course!

I hadn’t done anything like a bat wing shape before and I tried a few techniques before I found one I like. I’m quite pleased with the result:

Bat Beastie

For the spiders, I wasn’t sure how to do the legs. They’re to hang on some dogs’ collars for Halloween, and I didn’t want to do legs with wire inside (no poking the pooches!), so I taught myself how to do i-cord. It also worked well for the loops so they can hang from a collar.

Spider Beasties I and II

I’m quite pleased with how they turned out, and how cool to be able to learn some new techniques while I was making them up.


rain, rain, come again

It’s been looking like rain for a couple of days, but today it finally actually arrived.

black tulips

The sun came out after, which meant I got to snap some nice pics. The pollen was puddled in a bunch of the black tulips like the one above. On the photo below, you can see a wee spider hanging out.

black tulip with spider

pink tulip

The irises I was having trouble identifying last month are now getting ready to bloom and they look like they’ll be a gorgeous color!


I’ve seen some posts lately about people’s opinions of violets – are they weedy and should be removed, or are they pretty and should be embraced? I’m of the latter school. They volunteer and have pretty flowers and relatively attractive foliage, so why not?


The red maple outside our front window is a strange shape (it has three main trunks, none of which is particularly dominant) but it’s leafing out like crazy and is sort of stunning in the sunlight.

red maple

More photos at Flickr.


Happy Halloween!

As usual, we dressed up for Halloween today at the library. I decided to be Little Miss Muffet, because I like to do storybook characters and I found a neat spiderweb fabric at Joann when I was figuring out what to be. I also decided that LMM lived in Jane Austen’s time, and that she saw the error of her ways and recognized the merits of the spider.


I created a representation of a tuffet and put a bowl and spoon for curds and whey on it.

Ms Muffit & Friend

Karl helped me by sewing the spider onto my shoulder before I left for work this morning. Other than the spider (and the bowl and spoon), I made everything in the costume. I thought it might be difficult but creating the bonnet was easier than I expected. I looked at some images of regency era bonnets and then made it up as I went along. I used cardboard to make the back, which I then covered in fabric, and I created the brim from a place mat. A little sewing with a carpet needle and some hot glue gun action later, I had a bonnet!

I do have to say that this costume was much more comfortable than some others I’ve worn, which was nice for wearing all work day. Most people seemed to get it right off the bat, too, so I only had to explain it to a few. All in all, a successful halloween!