SAW Thursday- etsy squirrels

Get me ones of those squirrels! Etsy is one of my favorite sites for just lookin’ around, seeing what neat stuff people have come up with. It’s also a treasure trove of squirrely goodness!

tiny squirrel pincushion
tiny squirrel pincushion by TrackandFieldDesigns
This super kawaii fabric is perfect for a little mini pillow-esque pincushion.

Let 'Em Down Easy cards
Let ‘Em Down Easy squirrel cards by ScotiaMade
These cards are hilarious! The messages are funny and the silhouetted squirrel delivering them makes them all the more effective.

wood squirrel puzzle
squirrel puzzle by usnavyretiredvet
We totally had one of these when I was a kid! (We had some other ones, too, but I definitely remember the squirrel.)

squirrel print (male) squirrel lady print
squirrel print and squirrel lady print by berkleyillustration
I used this squirrel illustration on the inaugural day of Squirrel Awareness Week this year, and then I found that it is actually a print, for sale, along with a matching lady squirrel print. I really want to get these for my office.

rock squirrel note pad
rock squirrel note pad by boygirlparty
Rawk! I can just see this guy start to duck walk.

squirrel girl print
squirrel girl print by theblackapple
This style of illustration is so appealing, and works so well for the conceit.

And last but not least, a little shameless self-promotion:
Squirrel Wrist Purse by AnneArchy
Actually, my sistrah created this one, so it’s only semi-self, I guess. Mega cute, eh?


SAW Wednesday-squirrel papercraft

Happy Wednesday, everysquirrel! Today we’re looking at papercraft squirrels. I didn’t find as many of these as I’d hoped, but those I did find are pretty sweet.

Steampunk papercraft squirrel:
#11 the magnificent steampowered squirrel
This squirrel is badass.

Squirrel Toilet Paper Roll Craft:
Squirrel Toilet Paper Roll Craft
This is one for all ages and skill levels! His face is slightly too kitten-ish for my taste, but do think he’s pretty cute in general.

Paper Squirrel Favors:
Paper Squirrel Favors
This is, n’est-ce pas, from Martha Stewart, but despite the anal-retentive neatness of it, the squirrels are really cute, so hunchy over their treats.

Little Acorn Valentine:
Little Acorn Valentine
How cyute is this?! I totally dig the effort that paper cutting like this entails.


SAW Tuesday-Flickr squirrels

Welcome to Tuesday of Squirrel Awareness Week 2008!

I haven’t had the opportunity to snap any shots of squirrels around the neighborhood yet this week, but never fear, Flickr has a wide assortment to satisfy your squirrel photo viewing needs. Did you know that there is a Squirrel Awareness Week Flickr group? Join up! There is also the Squirrels group, the Outwitting Squirrels group, Squirrel Fishing (“Just photos of squirrel fishing please!”), The Happy Squirrel, Funny Squirrels, and the inevitable Squirrels Gone Wild.

Feeling overwhelmed by the sheer volume of squirreliana available at Flickr? Fret not, as I have done the hard work and gathered some of the best here.

Kilroy was here

Kilroy was here by MrClean1982

A new take on the classic, this one is clearly superior due to the inclusion of a squirrel.

Make a wish

Make a wish by Mandj98

This guy is thinking so hard! Either that or he’s very cold, but given the amount of, erm, padding he has, it would seem that that’s probably not it.

hold still, human

hold still, human by Genista

Dinnerbell, dinnerbell, do the bell thing. P.S. Tiny squirrel tongue!

untitled squirrel licking window

licking the window by seizethedave

You have to be pretty thirsty to literally lick the windows (I prefer to do so figuratively).

Watch out!

Watch out! by dianeham

Squirrel parkour!

Squirrel Gynmastics

Squirrel Gymnastics by mandj98

More squirrel parkour!

Baby Gray Squirrel

Baby Gray Squirrel by audreyjm529

I don’t know if this little one has been featured at Cute Overload, but he so should be! So cronsh-able.


crazy hair squirrel by Marko_K

If squirrels could be punk, they would have this hair. That would be my kind of squirrel.

My Apple

My Apple by GailJohnson

This looks so posed but it appears to be genuine. The moment after this, I bet the squirrel rolls the apple down the branch a la Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark and takes out the squirrel trying to steal his nuts.

Go To Sleep, Little Sleepy Head

Go To Sleep, Little Sleepy Head by happyshooter

So. sleepy.

Look over there

Look over there by 2create

Hey! I can take ya! Seriously, try me!

365: Day 2

365:Day 2 by wakingmagenta

I am seriously not sure how something like this happens. Makes for a striking pic, though. If you’ve got a strong stomach, check out this fascinating and disgusting shot.