So I’ve decided that I cannot keep up with the amount of vegetable garden I have had in the past. I have one area that has been veggies which I’m going to change into a perennial bed. Here it is right now. There are potatoes growing behind the snow fencing – I need to dig them up, in fact. (Sorry about Coraline peeing in this one – didn’t notice that until after.)

fence-side garden

It has held a variety of different veg over the past few years, including corn, peas, potatoes, and other things:

fence-side garden

fence side bed: potatoes and corn

Here we are back to the current time. It just feels like too much space for me to keep up with veggies, and I like the idea of having this bed mirror the other side of the yard, which is already a perennial garden.

fence-side garden

Other side:

garage-side garden in the back yard

We also want to finally do something about the lumpy grassy area of the back yard – running around with the dogs, I’m always afraid that someone is going to trip and twist an ankle. If we had someone come in to rip up the current grass (which is a mishmash of types of grass, including crabgrass), level it out, and lay new, we could also have them create a real stone border around the perimeter of the garden beds. Pardon my crappy attempt at showing you what I mean:

backyard edited

What I’m thinking is this: we could have them create a stone border that goes around all the garden beds and is consistent – AND is tall enough that it’s at least a little bit of a barrier to the dogs so that we could get rid of the ugly snow fence.

Our evil neighbors are moving out, and their unruly dogs have been the main reason we needed the snow fence in the first place (they were constantly trying to get under the fence and drove Brodie crazy). Brodie is also older now and less apt to be jumping all around, and we’re doing a pretty decent job training Coraline to stay where we want her.

This would mean that we’d lose the freecycled stone border that is currently around the garage-side garden, but I’m okay with that. It has been good, but I would definitely like to have something that is installed a bit less haphazardly and that is taller and sturdier.

I don’t want it to be TOO tall, though, because it needs to be in proportion to our modest one-story ranch house and garage. It also needs to complement the brick of the house and garage. So here are a few ideas I found online:

garden fence ideas

I’m not sure yet what I think would look best. What do you think? Seen any other cool ideas online?