B is for Blythe!


Everyone loves a Weasley sweater.

B is for Blythe Sweater

If you don’t have your very own Molly Weasley to send you one at xmas, use this pattern to make one for Blythe! Blythe’s initial B is front and center and you can make it in your own Hogwarts House Colors or whatever colors you like!

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is it a ghost?

I’ve been inspired by ghosts lately. A few of my pals are really into ghost-hunting and ghost-themed TV shows, and hearing them chat about these has ghosts on my mind. The other day an AC adapter fell out of a loose socket in our house and my immediate thought was: it’s a ghost!

Ghostie Sweater for Blythe

I designed this little ghostie sweater awhile back but finally got the pattern written up and ready to share with you! I’ve been intimidated by intarsia in the past, but a project like this one is a great way to start. It’s only two colors to manage, and the charted design makes it easy to follow the pattern.

Ghostie Sweater for Blythe

Spooky ghost sweaters are in your future. Find the pattern at Etsy, LoveKnitting, Ravelry, and Craftsy.


new pattern! Long Cable Cardigan for Blythe

Perfect for the colder months or just for those who like to layer, here’s a new pattern for a long cable cardigan for Blythe.

long cable cardigan for Blythe

This cardi has cables down the front, sleeves, and back, and is just super cozy. The ribbed collar adds to that warm feeling.

Dahlia in a long cable cardigan for Blythe

If you’re unsure about doing cables, these are very simple and easy to do! You can even do them without using a cable needle if you prefer that technique (shout out to Joeli’s Kitchen for this excellent tutorial!).

long cable cardigan for Blythe

This is yet another sweater I’d totally knit for myself if I had more patience for longer projects. As it is, though, this Blythe sized cardigan knits up quite quickly and suits us short-attention-span folks very well.

long cable cardigan for Blythe

Find this pattern on the usual sites: Etsy, Ravelry, LoveKnitting, and Craftsy.


It’s cardigan season

When is it NOT cardigan season, though, really, right?

Long Cardigan for Blythe

I love a long, cozy cardigan. They’re great for layering and I survive on being able to control my temperature by adding or removing a cardi.

Long Cardigan for Blythe

Adding a cardigan to a favorite dress or ensemble is like making a whole new outfit.

Long Cardigan for Blythe

I especially like a roomy cardigan like this one for Blythe, because so many of the dresses and tops I have for her take up a little bit of space, so a top layer that has some extra room is perfect.

Long Cardigan for Blythe

Ready to knit a luxurious, long cardigan for your Blythe? The pattern is ready on Etsy, Ravelry, LoveKnitting, and Craftsy.


Why aren’t there so many more sweaters that are rainbows?

I mean, who doesn’t want a rainbow sweater? I certainly do.

Rainbow Stripey Sweater for Blythe

Too bad that I’m not committed to making myself a me-sized sweater, but good for Blythe and for other doll knitters out there. Like many of my sweaters for Blythe, this one is worn reverse-cardigan style–unless you want to wear it as a cardi, which is also fine. It’s quick to knit and since the new yarn colors are joined at the start of new rows, it’s really easy to keep track of where you are in the pattern.

custom Rainbow sweater

Wouldn’t you like to knit this rainbow? The pattern is on Etsy, LoveKnitting, Craftsy, and Ravelry.


FO Friday: Ramona Sweater for Blythe

It’s finally done! After several prototypes, I finally got the Ramona sweater pattern down to a shape and design that really works.

Ramona Sweater for Blythe

Ribbed sweaters are perfect for the coming fall season – I wish I had one like this for myself, actually (not sure we’ll see the day when I have the patience to knit one). The ribs increase gradually over the whole yoke of the sweater, so it fits like a dream and doesn’t call too much attention. This minimalist design does not include a distinct collar or cuffs, so it feels modern, clean, and simple.

Ramona is another in the series of pullover sweaters I’ve designed for Blythe – they pull over the body, since Blythe’s head is far too large. The rib gives the sweater a nice flexibility, which makes it work well layered and with whatever choice of skirt or pants you choose.

Ramona Sweater for Blythe

Find Ramona on Ravelry, Etsy, LoveKnitting, and Craftsy.


FO Friday: Sarah smiles

Many of my Blythe sweater patterns are oversized – I just think it’s an attractive look for Blythe and can help her appear more like a miniature person (yes, still with a gigantic head, but closer). However, in the interest of creating a diverse wardrobe with lots of options, I want to create some patterns for pieces that are more fitted, too.

Sally Sweater for Blythe

How’s that for fitted? This sweater is worn reverse-cardigan style and fastens in the back with a tiny snap (you could alternatively use sew-on velcro if you so desire). It’s a body-con top that is able to be tucked in if desired.

Sarah Sweater for Blythe

This pattern is available on Etsy, Ravelry, LoveKnitting, and Craftsy.


bag it

When we returned from our trip, I had a lovely little surprise package waiting for me! Recently the lovely Feebee asked if anyone could make a cardigan to her specifications, and I thought I could. I made up a new pattern to fit her wishes and the end result turned out pretty well, I think!

Ash modeling a new custom cardi for Fee

I’ll definitely be making some more sweaters using this pattern.

But back to the surprise package!

lovely gift from FeeBee!

How cute! A tote bag for Blythe!

lovely gift from FeeBee!

And with such cute embellishments!

lovely gift from FeeBee!

Willow with her new bag from Fee



I participated in a swap on the Knitting for Blythe group on Rav recently, and the person to whom I sent goodies posted pics. She loves the items I made, and I’m so happy she does!

Love these sweaters!

I had noticed that she had a Petite as well as Neo Blythe, so I made matching sets of sweaters and dresses. I love the corduroy skirt her Petite is wearing with the sweater!

Lovely knit sun dresses.


Thanks for being a great swap recipient, Cupcake Snowflake!



cardi hearty

I’ve been experimenting more with knitting sweaters for Blythe. As you may recall, the first one I made was a bit on the way-too-big side. After that one I made another on smaller needles, which turned out to be a much better fit:

Who put this outfit together?

(As you can see I also improvised a skullcap which I’m quite pleased with.) I’m pretty happy with this pattern and fit, but I wanted to explore other options, so I found another pattern with a different style of construction and gave that one a shot:

Willow modeling the Groovy Boogie Sweater

This one is just okay. The way the pattern is written, you knit every single part of the sweater separately, which I find to be a PITA and also results in a less satisfactory fit. Meh. So I rewrote that pattern so that it was knit all as one piece with the exception of the sleeves, which I picked up instead of knitting separately and then seaming, and which I knit in the round instead of seaming as in the original.

Willow modeling the Blythe Make Believe Pullover

Obviously I did this one as a front-to-back rather than as a cardi, though you could use this one as a kimono-style cardi (there are overlappy bits on the open side). I also opted for shorter sleeves, to see how three-quarter length would look – verdict: I like it. I’m mildly pleased with how this turned out. I’m happy that it was so easy for me to adapt the pattern to suit my needs, and I’m mostly happy with how the construction worked out. I don’t think bottom-up will be my favored style, but it’s good to have tried and experimented.

I’m not sure what I’ll try next. Perhaps I’ll improvise a sweater from scratch?

more pics on Flickr
project details on Rav (free login required)