it’s my number one job

I’ve been toiling away at the gnome factory again, in anticipation of the Detroit Urban Craft Fair, at which Team Librarian will be one of the vendors.

First off, we have a bunch of bald gnomes, awaiting their facial hair.

gnome factory: awaiting facial hair


gnome factory: moustaches


gnome factory: beards

And now they’ve got hair! Just need haircuts:

gnome factory: awaiting haircuts

Ah, that’s better. Now they’re all ready to go!

gnome factory: complete!

I started a new skein of yarn partway through making these, so some of the gnomes ended up with curly beards!

Gnome (Hunter Green)

I love these little guys.


Maker Faire

I’ve been slacking on posts because we’ve been on vacation all week, but here, finally, is an update on Maker Faire Detroit.

It was awesome! Lisa and I went over on Friday to scope it out and set up the basics for our table (essentially the tablecloths). I was quite pleased with how well my plan came together. The purple and black color scheme I set up was striking and you could easily read the bunting from a distance. Goals achieved!

Team Librarian at Maker Faire Detroit 2011

We were in a great location – we couldn’t have found better! We were adjacent to several other crafty-type tables, and to the Needle Arts Zone, where volunteers taught faire-goers to knit and crochet. We were also right next to my favorite THF exhibit, the Dymaxion House!

Team Librarian at Maker Faire Detroit 2011

Saturday morning we got up early and got our wares set up right on time. In addition to our goods, about eight other members of Team Librarian sent us items so we had a great selection.

Here’s Jen of MimiBoo, me, Steve from DPL (teens from DPL made earrings that we sold at the table – how cool!), and Lisa.

Team Librarian at Maker Faire Detroit 2011

I was really happy with how my displays turned out. I got a couple of metal flower pots from IKEA, along with some drapery clip hooks, and that worked quite well for my gnome and puppet kits. I also got a spool rack which did well at displaying my gnomes and finger puppets. Just about everything about the weekend came together ridiculously smoothly – it was just awesome.

Team Librarian at Maker Faire Detroit 2011

Our booth did quite well in sales, too! Lisa and I are currently hatching plans for future shows at which Team Librarian could represent.

More photos at Flickr.


if the pu-pu-puppet head was only bu-bu-busted in

A week or so ago I woke up with the idea to knit some finger puppets. I gave it a shot and they turned out pretty well!

assorted finger puppets

These are some of the first ones I made, including a Brown Bear, a Bee, a Panda, and a Kitty. I’ve got more ideas for others which will hopefully turn out well, too. I’ll be selling these as well as DIY kits to make your own at Maker Faire Detroit with Team Librarian. Woot!


a bunting we will go

Maker Faire Detroit is only a few short days away! Lisa and I have been prepping in a number of ways, one of which is planning our booth. I decided that we needed a Team Librarian bunting. I hadn’t made one before but I didn’t think I needed a pattern – it seemed straightforward enough that I could play it by ear.

I printed out patterns for the letters in a really basic sans font. A lot of the buntings I saw on flickr used fonts that I thought were too frilly so I went with something very bold and legible. I also wanted the letters to show up clearly, because a lot of the buntings I saw used fabrics that were pretty but didn’t contrast enough to be read from a distance. I used a light purple cotton for the letters and black for the background. I also ironed on fusible web before I cut out the letters.

Team Librarian bunting

I also made a pattern for the background – and even remembered to include seam allowance! Yay forethought.

Team Librarian bunting

Then I ironed on the letters after carefully measuring the placement of each one.

Team Librarian bunting

I was pleased with how it looked at this point, so much so that I considered not stitching around the letters, but decided to go with my original plan. I think the stitching adds an extra element that gives a finished look.

Team Librarian bunting

Stitching around. The purple thread is more accurate in this photo (in some of the others it looks too blue).

Team Librarian bunting

Pleased! I haven’t done much of this kind of stitching and it’s not perfectionist-level perfect, but I am very happy with the finished product.

Team Librarian bunting

I thought that lining the triangles would give the bunting more heft and also make it look more professional. I cut out triangles from the same light purple fabric (of which I had conveniently bought too much).

Team Librarian bunting

The pieces looked good! Using two layers of fabric like this is one of my favorite ways to finish a piece so that all the seams are hidden.

Team Librarian bunting

Then I pieced it together with the bias tape I’d purchased to act as string.

Team Librarian bunting

The placement worked out well, so I stitched it all together and voila! A bunting!

Team Librarian bunting

The garden is looking not super awesome (I really need to deadhead those daylilies, which will be moving since they weren’t intended to be there in the first place but migrated), but the bunting looks great! I really think it’s going to add an element of awesome to our table.


got a job at the gnome factory

It’s my number one job. Or so it has felt recently! I’ve been making gnomes and gnome kits in preparation for Maker Faire Detroit, for which I am SO MEGA EXCITED. Team Librarian is going to rock it totally out! (You should absolutely be there! Come see us! And all kinds of other neat stuff.)

So I’ve been batch knitting gnomes. Bunch of bodies, bunch of hats, bunch of heads, bunch of beards, and then put them all together.

gnome factory

They look funny without their beards and moustaches!

gnome factory beard and 'stache pile

I feel like this could be a class portrait:

gnome class portrait

San Dimas High School Gnomes Rule!