let’s get the rock out of here

All the planters around our house were filled at some point with landscaping rocks. Oh, so many landscaping rocks.

The planter on the west side of the front of the house had especially few plants – just a couple of shrub roses planted right on top of one another, and the rest entirely filled with rocks.

Firefly Cottage

Except for the stump from the Arbor Vitae, of course, which we are hoping to have removed when we have a tree crew out to take down the rotted-out old Box Elders. Removing that stump means that we needed to get rid of the rocks so that they’re not in the way. We were planning to ditch them anyway – I prefer living means of weed control (not that the rocks were even very good at that – there were a ton of those horribly spiky dandelions and other weeds poking up from between the rocks) – but this nudged me to get it done sooner.

Front planter de-rocked

Three+ hours later, it’s almost entirely rock-free!


I got a start on the planter on the other side of the front of the house, and there are several planters in the back yard that need the same attention. Of course this means that it’s now officially the hottest part of the year and so humid that I can hardly bring myself to think about doing physical labor outside. It’ll get cooler, though, and I love spending time out in the garden in the fall, so I’ll have plenty of opportunity.