up north

We both took the week off last week and ventured up north for a few days to Traverse City. It was overcast and spitting rain on the first bit of the drive up, but we were listening to good tunes on the iPod with SYNC and it was just so nice to get away that we didn’t care.

Ellis on our road trip to TC

After a bit, the weather totally cleared up and the sun came out and it was beautiful the entire trip. It was sunny and warm but not too hot – just perfect.

We stayed at the Cherry Tree Inn. Our room was nice, and though not exactly as advertised (it was a regular hotel room rather than the condo style room that had been described to me on the phone, and we could hear a guest snoring and baby crying through the door that connected our room to the next one. It didn’t keep us awake, but I’d think twice before staying there again), it was comfortable and had a great view of the bay.

our "studio" at the Cherry Tree Inn


Anne and Karl

We enjoyed walking around downtown looking at the shops and people-watching. There was a small garden near the LYS and it had been yarn-bombed! Pretty fun.

yarn bombing in downtown TC

We ate (and drank) plenty of good stuff while we were there. One evening we drove up the peninsula to the Jolly Pumpkin, where we had tasty food and refreshing microbrews. I had a North Peak Archangel which was delicious.

Ellis at the Jolly Pumpkin

The view from our balcony was lovely in the early morning:

more view from our balcony

Of course while we were there we looked up the local comic shop, too, and while the selection was a bit disappointing, it was fun to see the art on the outside of the building. (Ellis was alarmed.)

Ellis at the comic shop in TC

We drove up the peninsula a second time and visited Chateau Chantal for a wine tasting. Well, K did the driving and I did the tasting (he’s not into wine), and we both appreciated the scenery.

we drove up to the Chateau Chantal for a wine tasting

View from the winery:

we drove up to the Chateau Chantal for a wine tasting

While we were up there, we drove around to some places that K lived when he was a kid. He has an incredible memory!

We also walked along the shore and noticed this cool ship out in the water:

cool ship in the distance

We so lucked out on the weather – it could not have been more awesome!

Anne and Karl

This reminded us of @andrea_perez:


What a beautiful vacation! Thanks go to my folks who inspired us to take this trip.

walking along the shore