Treasury Tuesday: Opals for October

Opals are October’s modern birthstone (there are other types of birthstones). Opal is said to symbolize confidence and faithfulness. It is also said to bring good luck to the wearer, though others claim that it reflects the wearer’s energy back to them – that only those who radiate positivity should wear opal. Regardless of all that, though, they’re pretty.

Opals for October treasury


This is Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner and as the weather has cooled off a little, I’ve started to get in the Halloween spirit. The stores are stocking Halloween paraphernalia again – does it seem like Halloween is one of the only truly seasonal holidays anymore? They start putting out xmas stuff in June, but for Halloween they still wait until the month prior. Lots of Etsy shops are starting to carry Halloween merchandise, too, and there’s a ton of really cool stuff for Blythe. Presenting my first Etsy treasury, Halloween for Blythe:

Halloween for Blythe treasury

Of course, I can’t resist tooting my own horn a little bit, too, so here are some Halloween goodies from the AnneArchy shop:

Willow models the Battyquin Dress for Blythe

Willow models the Autumn Vine Dress for Blythe

35/52: Willow models the Area 51 Sweater for Blythe

Willow models the Batty Sweater for Blythe

Willow models the Ghostie Sweater for Blythe

Willow models the Frankenstein Sweater for Blythe