FO Friday: dishie washie

My sister’s birthday was earlier this spring. I decided that I wanted to make her something useful but attractive and settled on some dishcloths. They can really be used for almost anything around the house – doing dishes, dusting, as a washcloth, or whatever other cleaning-type task you have on hand. I use one under the bottle of laundry detergent to catch any errant drips! (Apologies for crummy phone photos of these – I didn’t bother to block the cloths and I was in a hurry when photographing them so the focus is pretty lame, too.)


I made three cloths: the Twisted Columns Cloth, the Waves Cloth, and the Almost Lost Cloth.


Susan’s favorite is the Almost Lost Cloth. It is a neat star shape, formed by short rows as you work your way around. I really like this one, too. It reminds me of a flower blossom.

ClothI think that my favorite is the Waves Dishcloth. This pattern is one that works really well with variegated yarns – it will turn out differently each time, and seeing the pattern reveal itself is really fun for me. This stitch pattern is also really useful for cleaning stuck-on food from dishes and cookware. The knobbles are just right for getting things to work loose. I have plans to make more of these for myself, too! We have a number of them already, but I have more Dishie burning a hole in my stash and you can never have too many dishcloths. What is your favorite pattern?