vacation bag proof

I used the Two Zip Hipster I made for our trip throughout our travels and it was perfect! I was able to carry the necessities with me but not be burdened with a heavy bag or a sore shoulder. Cross-body bags are great for travel, too, as it’s nearly impossible to set them down and forget them.

Two Zip Hipster (pattern by Dog Under My Desk) fits the Universal tour package binder perfectly

As it turned out, Universal gave us a little notebook with all our tickets and stuff inside, and it was as if this purse was designed to hold it. It could not have been a more perfect fit!

Two Zip Hipster (pattern by Dog Under My Desk) fits the Universal tour package binder perfectly

As you can see in the photo above, it fits inside with just enough room to zip the zipper above it. I do find it interesting that Universal still likes to give you a hundred little pieces of paper to manage, whereas I believe Disney now does everything on a wristband if you book a package (for our day trips they issued us a card that contained all our ticket, fast pass, and dessert reservation info). If you’re going to Universal and doing a package, I definitely recommend making this bag.


a brand new bag

We are going on a trip pretty soon*, to Universal Studios and Epcot! I am pretty excited since we haven’t been on a vacation in awhile, and it’ll be Halloween-theme-time at the parks. It’s also the Food and Wine Festival at Epcot, which we loved the last time we went. And we haven’t ever been to the Harry Potter parks! I’ve been bingeing Witch, Please in preparation (I have been listening to this anyway because it is THE BEST, but I’ve been spreading the episodes out so I could always have more – I finally gave in and just got caught up).

I knew that I wouldn’t want to carry my usual purse in the parks and that I wanted a cross-body style for max comfort and making sure I don’t lose it (a shoulder bag is too put-down-able). I know that generally you don’t need to carry a lot of stuff with you in these parks, but I always want sunglasses and sunscreen and mints and whatever and anyway, I knew I needed a bag.

The perfect one was already in my pattern file: the Two Zip Hipster by Dog Under My Desk.

Spoopy Two Zip Hipster - pattern by Dog Under My Desk

It turned out awesome! I have raved before about Erin’s patterns but seriously, they are THE BEST (equal level of awesome as Witch, Please). They’re so easy and every step is laid out and it all goes so smoothly. I chose this super spoopy fabric in honor of Halloween time. I had hoped to find a Harry Potter themed fabric, but all the ones that Joann carries (at least in our local store) are loud and juvenile and not cool enough. I’m happy with this spider fabric, though, and I’m also going to embellish the exterior with at least one Hillary pin (#ImWithHer)! If any of you lovelies have tips or things to know about our destinations, please share!

*would-be evil-doers, take note that our house will be occupied while we’re away! No opportunities here!


FO Friday: more catch-up and a lot of sewing

Two weekends ago I was on a sewing spree! I not only made the iPad Gadget Guard I posted about last week, I also made two cross-body bags. That was a lot of sewing! It made me super happy!

First, though, let’s back up.

A couple weeks ago I discovered that our Joann had the new Doctor Who print fabrics in stock (apparently not to be found on the Joann website anymore – if you see it in your store, buy it up quick!). YES! I also finalized plans for the professional trips I have coming up and decided that it was officially time for me to make a Take Off Tote.

TARDIS Take Off Tote

I am SO HAPPY with how this bag turned out. I was a little unsure about mixing these two prints, but I feel like it really works. Also I will never, ever lose track of this bag because this print is not blend-in-able with any background.

TARDIS Take Off Tote

I’m really quite excited to use this tote! It’s spacious and has the outside zippered pocket as well as a divided large pocket on the inside.

TARDIS Take Off Tote

It also has this handy sleeve that fits just right over the extended handle of a rolling suitcase (note: this suitcase is the tiniest! It’s a bit shorter than your average carry-on suitcase). This will replace my purse while I’m traveling, since it can fit everything I need to have with me and is so handy.

That said, I still want a smaller purse to take with me to use while I’m at my destination. I was having trouble deciding between the Zip and Go and the Two Zip Hipster, so I decided to make both.

Grey Zip and Go

The Zip and Go is quite petite – it’s flat and has two zippered sections so you can separate your phone from your keys, or whatever.

Birds Two Zip Hipster

And this is the Two Zip Hipster, which is larger and has more pockets: a zippered pocket and a non-zippered pocket on the outside, as well as a large divided pocket on the inside.

Even having made both of these, I’m still torn! I love the streamlinedness and small size of the Zip and Go, but can I really manage with such a small bag? I think I probably can, given that I’ll only really need a minimal amount of wallet contents, my phone, and maybe some mints while I’m at these conferences. BUT I am so accustomed to carrying a gigantic purse with every possible thing that I might possibly need or want inside, and even the Two Zip Hipster is a LOT smaller than what I usually carry. My current wallet will actually fit in the Two Zip Hipster and leave room for other non-necessities, so I will likely end up using that. Maybe the Zip and Go can be an eventual goal for me to strive toward!


FO Friday: super duper catch-up

I have been so busy lately making things that I haven’t been making time to post about them. I also procrastinated taking photos of a number of things, which meant I had an excuse to not be ready to post yet. This past weekend I was supremely productive and not only made a bunch of new things, I also got almost completely caught up with myself.

First, let’s start with some knitting that I started what feels like AGES ago.

Crassula Shawl

This is the Crassula Shawl. I made this one up as I went along – I wasn’t 100% sure what I wanted, but I’m 100% pleased with how it turned out!

Crassula Shawl

I started out with narrow stripes and gradually worked up to wider stripes, alternating colors between a grey and a really lovely variegated turquoise blue colorway.

Pink Fizz Wrap

Next up is the Pink Fizz Shawl. I named this one for the Hellebore variety that has a pink and white stripe-ish pattern on the petals. It starts with narrow stripes at each end, works up to fairly wide stripes and back down to narrow again, with quite a few narrow stripes in the center section. This shawl is also designed to be a sort of curve-sided diamond shape (there has to be name for this, other than being vaguely vaginal) rather than a traditional triangle shawl.

There are a couple more knitting projects yet to post about, but they’re gifts so they must wait to be revealed here.

I had last Friday afternoon off which made for a lovely long and very productive sewing weekend for me. I decided on Friday that I would finally make the Gadget Guard for my iPad for which I knitted some fabric nearly a year ago. I have a few professional events coming up for which I’ll be flying, and I may not want to take my laptop on all the trips, so I wanted to be prepared to take my iPad instead if I so choose.

You may remember that I made a Gadget Guard for my lappy last spring. I have been SO SERIOUSLY PLEASED with this thing. I use it all the time and it fits my laptop so well. The beautiful thing (well, one of them) about this pattern is that it uses a formula, so you can adjust it to fit practically any gadget. It’s super easy and is written so that you hardly even end up doing any math at all!

Knitted Striped iPad Gadget Guard

I was so pleased that my knitted fabric worked out so well! It adhered to the fusible interfacing really easily and I mostly kept the stripes going very straight.

Knitted Striped iPad Gadget Guard

I had to work in some nerdy fabric somewhere, so the lining is Star Trek – images of the Enterprise.

Okay! That’s it for this post. Stay tuned for next week where there will be more sewing and more Dog Under My Desk pattern-adoration!