unidentified growing objects

Now that the weather is really warming up and we’ve had a bunch of rain, things are starting to really get growing. As they do, we can see what’s there at our new place and that helps with my in-progress plan for the yard and future gardens.

Some of the plants look familiar, but others I’m not certain about. If anyone recognizes any of these, please let me know!

These mushrooms popped up in the corner of the fenced-in section of our backyard – they look like morels, but are they really the edible kind?
Look what's growing in our backyard! Is this a morel, a false morel, or something else?

This planter in the corner of the back yard has, I believe, some kind of Sage/Salvia and on the right, a hosta.
planting bed in back yard

Next to the garage, there’s a shrub of some kind and a lot of what look like lilies.
behind garage

Does this shrub look familiar to anyone?
close up of shrub behind garage

On the side of the garage, mixed in with other stuff, is this:
unidentified plant growing next to garage -  keep or junk?
It’s not clear to me if it’s a planted-on-purpose or a volunteer. Anyone recognize it?

Further around that side I found some milkweed! I’m so excited and I hope we’ll see some monarchs!
milkweed growing next to garage!

From the thorny wood on these plants up front, I’m assuming they’re roses:
by the front door - roses, I think

These are also up front (other side of the door), and I believe might be Coneflower/Echinacea:
unidentified plant next to front door - maybe coneflower?

And on the east side of the house, there are a couple of shrubs that seem to be doing quite well despite being planted REALLY close to the house:
unidentified shrubs on east side of house

This one has huge buds on it already! Anyone know what it is?
close up of shrub on east side of house

If not, we’ll be able to tell soon when it blossoms.

These two things are nearby, and both of these look like they could be weeds? Or maybe the one in the rear is an ornamental grass of some kind?
unidentified plants (weeds?) on east side of house

This small tree (or is it a shrub?) is out front, struggling to get sun while competing with the very large maple tree:
unidentified tree in front yard

Anyone recognize these leaves?
close up of unidentified tree in front yard

We measured everything out so I can make an aerial view plan and decide where future garden beds will be. All in all, I’m so excited about the possibilities! For now, there’s FAR TOO MUCH grass to mow (and our current mower is on its deathbed, so we’ve been eking out what little juice the battery will hold, mowing section by section, until our new mower arrives), but it does look pretty nice! It will likely be quite awhile before we can afford the adorable white picket fence (having a double lot is awesome! but it’s big!), but I can certainly plan my plantings around that so that when we do have it installed, we won’t wreck anything. I’m going to go for an English cottage garden style while using predominantly native plants from this area – any suggestions for things I should grow?

New home


pretty thing

This is blooming in the front garden right now. It is among the now-dying-off crocus and it looks early spring bulb-ish to me, but I don’t know what it is.

unidentified plant

It doesn’t match the pictures for anything I know I planted in this garden, but it sure is pretty! It’s a bit later than the other early spring bulbs, since those are already done or almost done fading.

unidentified plant

Anyone recognize it?


let’s go swimming, let’s go swimming

That’s what these two eensy-beensy bugs were doing this afternoon in one of the Ivory Peach Bellflower blooms in the front garden:

Ivory Peach Bellflower

They looked like miniature ladybugs – maybe just a very tiny species? We have had several thunderstorms today, and this was between the first and second. These Bellflower plants are really looking great! I had no idea they’d turn out to be quite so tall, but I really dig the look:

Ivory Peach Bellflower

Ivory Peach Bellflower

I’ve also got yet another pair of plants that I know I planted, but can’t remember what they are:

Unidentified plant

And a close-up:

Unidentified plant

It looks vaguely herb-esque, but I’m not sure.

Back in the veg garden, the Golden Sweet Snow Peas are blossoming:

Golden Sweet Snow Peas

Golden Sweet Snow Peas

Golden Sweet Snow Peas

I know I’ve had the lilac/purple blossoms before, but I don’t remember them being such a bright pink. I guess I got a slightly different variety this time? Regardless, they’re stunning.

I’ve also got Calabrese Green Sprouting Broccoli:

Calabrese Green Sprouting Broccoli

And some Iceberg Lettuce:

Iceberg Lettuce

And Bloomsdale Long-standing Spinach:

Bloomsdale Long Standing Spinach

And here you can see Willow hanging out by the Rocky Top Lettuce Mix:

21/52: Willow in the veg garden

Rocky Top Lettuce Mix

Susan and her hub were visiting on their way out of MI last night so we made dinner (!). Mostly K grilled stuff but we also made a delicious salad from some of this lettuce, some fresh mozzarella from the Canton Farmers Market, and a delicious homemade Balsamic Vinaigrette S’s hub whipped up.

Rocky Top Lettuce Mix salad

Rocky Top Lettuce Mix salad

(These photos are obviously pre-dressing and accoutrements, but they’re pretty.)

More pics on Flickr.

Bonus points to those who recognize the song quoted in the title.


the sun is warm

And it finally came out for real today! It’s been raining and/or chilly for what feels like ages so I was really happy to see the sun full-on shining today. When I went for my lunchtime walk it was 70 with 5mph winds, so it felt glorious! I actually had to keep my walk pretty short because I wasn’t wearing uberstrength SPF and didn’t want to tempt fate.

The gardens have been happy for all the rain, but they also seemed pleased at today’s warmth and rays.

The other day I went out to empty our countertop food waste bin and noticed that something is sprouting right out of the compost bin!

something volunteering from within the compost bin

This looks pretty similar to some of the volunteers that have sprouted in the raised bed closest to this bin. I’m thinking maybe cucumbers, or zucchini? I’ll probably pull these out as carefully as I can and transplant them into the bed.

Some of the plants in the ornamental gardens are looking ready to bloom any day now.

Dutch Iris (Mixed) in the driveway-side bed:

Iris buds

Mystery plant in the garage-side bed in the back yard:

unidentified plant

Woodland Sage AKA Salvia ‘Plumosa’:

Woodland Sage

Bellflower ‘Ivory Peach’:

Bellflower 'Ivory Peach'

Dalmation Bellflower:

Dalmation Bellflower

Many of these are plants I put in last year after ordering them online. They were super tiny and didn’t really do much last year, so it’ll be exciting to see them actually bloom this year.

Speaking of things I haven’t seen bloom before, I got a ton of Pink Hardy Gloxinia on clearance last year, after it was past its bloom. Now it’s starting to get going:

Pink Hardy Gloxinia

It’s got teeth!

It's got teeth!

I’m a bit concerned about this Black Hollyhock in the front yard. It is clearly not happy, but I’m not sure what the problem is. Too much sun? Bugs? Virus?

something is killing my Black Hollyhock

something is killing my Black Hollyhock

Any suggestions will be appreciated!

More photos on Flickr.


fresh air

It was supposed to rain all day today but it’s been gorgeous out – the sun is shining and it’s in the mid-60s. Figures, since I’m sick and not feeling up to doing much more than sitting around. I decided to make a short trip out to breathe some fresh air and take some photos of things that are growing.

The purple wintercreeper is budding (and turning green, as it should).

purple wintercreeper budding

I don’t know what this is. It sprouted in the big veg garden, which would lead me to believe that it’s a weed, but it doesn’t look like any of the weeds I’m familiar with.

mystery thing in the veg garden

I’m not sure what this is, either. It’s coming up in the flower bed next to the driveway, where I planted a whole crapload of random stuff last year. I’m sure it’s one of those things but I can’t identify it yet.

something coming up in the drive-side bed

These are coming up in the veg bed next to the fence in the back yard. I think they’re lilies, so I am not sure why they’re in the veg bed, but I can always move them later. If anyone can identify them, I’ll appreciate it.

are these lilies?

And for today’s awww moment, here’s a tulip sprouting.

tulip heart