We were out in the back yard yesterday after work, K was trimming the dogs’ nails and I was snapping pics in the gardens. I noticed that a violet was blooming already:

pansy flower

in the AC Unit garden, and then to my surprise I saw this:

tiny bunbun hiding in the leaves by the AC unit

A tiny bunny hiding! It was small enough to fit in my hand had I opted to try to touch it (which I didn’t), and it was sitting very, very still. At first I was afraid that it might be dead, but K poked it gently with the stem of a dead leaf and we could see it breathing.

tiny bunbun hiding in the leaves by the AC unit

tiny bunbun hiding in the leaves by the AC unit

A little while later K breathed on its face and it scampered under the AC Unit. I guess it’s time to clean up that area! Much as this guy is super cute, I don’t want him to make a home and eat my greens. I don’t have any idea how the dogs managed to miss his presence. It seems like they would’ve smelled it at least, but I’m glad they didn’t.


rain, rain, come again

It’s been looking like rain for a couple of days, but today it finally actually arrived.

black tulips

The sun came out after, which meant I got to snap some nice pics. The pollen was puddled in a bunch of the black tulips like the one above. On the photo below, you can see a wee spider hanging out.

black tulip with spider

pink tulip

The irises I was having trouble identifying last month are now getting ready to bloom and they look like they’ll be a gorgeous color!


I’ve seen some posts lately about people’s opinions of violets – are they weedy and should be removed, or are they pretty and should be embraced? I’m of the latter school. They volunteer and have pretty flowers and relatively attractive foliage, so why not?


The red maple outside our front window is a strange shape (it has three main trunks, none of which is particularly dominant) but it’s leafing out like crazy and is sort of stunning in the sunlight.

red maple

More photos at Flickr.