let it go

We continued to help the vines to let go of our house over the weekend. They are tough bastages!

Here’s where we started, more or less (actually more, as this is a photo from several years ago, courtesy of the real estate listing):
realtor 23

And then after we removed the bulk of the vines:
Vine removal day one

Although most of the vines came down pretty easily, there were some areas that were grown very thick with roots grabbing in all directions. These parts are super tough and reluctant to move! We cut through the base of these awhile ago, allowing them to dry out and not be connected to the roots anymore, but they were still pretty difficult to pry off.
vines climbing on house

K put his back into it and I helped as much as I could, and voila! After quite a lot of effort, we have a nook corner free of growth!
More vines removed

There are still some bits higher up that we want to pull down, but we are STILL WAITING for our tall ladder to come in at Home Depot. (It’s been over a month, Home Depot! What UP?) The roof replacement is going to happening late this month, hopefully, so we want to get as much down as we can before that happens so there’s as little stuff in the roofers’ way as possible. We are making progress!


mind bullets

No, I’m not practicing telekinesis, Kyle, I’m practicing clearing my mind of all things. And yoga is helping!

white flowers

As I have mentioned, I’m striving to master the art of clearing the clutter from my brain and letting go of all the thoughts and anxieties that usually form a fairly constant parade through my mind. This week at yoga, I really felt like I’m making progress. I experienced several periods of what could have been actual minutes where I wasn’t distracted by other things and was able to just concentrate on my breathing. It was awesome! Of course, it’s baby steps on the way to mindfulness, but it’s progress and I’ll take it for now. Gracie does a really nice job of helping remind us that it’s natural to have this kind of struggle and that more often than not, there will be thoughts that try to distract you. (For anyone in the Mount P area, I highly recommend OmBodies yoga studio!) I’m going to have to miss next week’s session due to an out of town obligation and I will really miss that part of my weekend routine. I’ll be back to it the following week, though. I also heard about a meditation binaural beats studio in town called Just Be and they have sessions for people of all skill levels, so that’s something I’m considering as well. I’m not at the point where I can clear my mind in other settings very well yet, but that’s a good goal. It would be nice to be able to do a soft reboot when I’m feeling stressed or overwhelmed. Now if only OmBodies started a D&D yoga class