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This weekend we finally tackled the Wisteria by the garage. It’s a lovely plant but it’s already destroyed a lot of the siding on the garage and I decided that it needed to go. I don’t have a good place for a very sturdy arbor to go yet, so I didn’t try to transplant any. (I did take some to the plant swap, though.)

Here’s what it looked like a few weeks ago. It had grown a bit more since, but not a ton. Most of the taller branches were not actively sprouting, though they were definitely not dead (still quite green as we could see when cutting into them).


Wisteria cut back
And here it is now. It looks quite bare, but I am planning to add to this area with more plants in the future. There are already some milkweed plants there, and I added another one from the plant swap to it as well. My husband was looking for stuff for the garage and picked out a few nice space heaters from SmartlyHeated.com. After finishing the inside of the garage, our plan is to create a paver pathway along this side of the garage, connecting the cement apron by the garage to the existing sidewalk-type pathway (which leads from the garage access door to the house), and I’d like to get that settled before I add too much more to this bed. We need to learn how to set pavers propertly so that our pathways will be sturdy and long-lasting. Anyone tackled that type of project before to offer any tips?


Wisteria wondering

I believe we’ve identified the super aggressive tendril-y plant next to the garage as Wisteria. Hooray! Now I need to get it the heck out of that area because it’s already done enough damage there. My question is: do I want Wisteria somewhere else?


We’ve got plenty of room, and I do love a free plant, so I’m a little reluctant to get rid of it altogether. BUT, do I want to introduce it to another area of the yard?

Wisteria next to the garage.

If I do save and transplant it, I’d want to put it somewhere along the perimeter of the property, so it can be of use in the form of some privacy. I’ve read that it can take down just about anything nearby, so it needs to be far from the house and garage, and not next to any trees that seem vulnerable. Is it worth the risk or should I walk away in the fashion of our times?

Bad Blood walk away explosion



Remember the vine roots I mentioned that had grown along the mortar lines between the bricks? Here’s a fun example:
Roots of this tree formed themselves into the spaces between the bricks.

Looks neat, eh? I’m mostly just happy that it didn’t get INTO the mortar. Our strategy of cutting the stem at any points we could get through it seems to be working – the top of the growth is wilting and dying and the parts that are stuck to the house are getting easier to remove as they dry out.

I believe that I’ve identified the aggressive plants next to the garage as wisteria, so now I need to get that away from the structure. There’s a lot of grape hyacinth and some milkweed growing nearby, though, so I don’t want to lose those. Slowly but slowly, I’m getting a plan together!

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