Pay-it-forward results!

This morning I did the drawings (actually random number generators) for the nine dresses I posted as a pay-it-forward. I’ve noted here where the person commented, as there were comments on a couple of the places this posted (all entries were weighted evenly).

And the winners are:

  • A (green dress) – Sal Dean (Facebook)
  • B (pink floral hankie dress) – Donna Hyland Tkachuk (Facebook)
  • C (pink knits dress) – Julieta A (Youtube)
  • D (floral top dress) – Mandy Riggs (blog)
  • E (sweater top dress) – Elisia Von Finsterwald (Facebook)
  • F (faux suede top dress) – Pipa V (Youtube)
  • G (brown dress) – Colleen Vaught (Facebook)
  • H (apron dress) – Heather Roy (Facebook)
  • I (floral under pink dress) – Robyn McMurry (blog)

Congratulations, folks! If you are a winner, please contact me with your shipping info! 🙂


Serena Sweater Coat for Blythe

It’s a new pattern!

Serena Coat for Blythe

Another coat, this time with a more a-line shape and some strategically placed rows of garter stitch to emphasize the princess style. It’s worked all in one piece – the body worked flat and the sleeves picked up and worked in the round – and requires NO SEAMING (and everyone rejoices!).

Pick up this pattern on Ravelry, Etsy, LoveKnitting, and Craftsy.


Blythe dress pay-it-forward

Blythe dress pay-it-forward

It’s time for a Blythe pay-it-forward!
I’ve been making dresses just for funsies, and now I’m giving them away in a pay-it-forward. Check out the Blythe Pay-it-forward group.

Leave a comment with your name and the one(s) you’d like to win – I’ll do a random drawing for each dress. Let me know what you like about it/them! I’ll do the drawing on Sunday, July 8. Shipping is on me, and international is just fine.


Raindrops and Umbrellas Blythe Swap

May’s Blythe Swap theme was Raindrops and Umbrellas – perfect for spring here in North America. I swapped with Carrie, who is an awesome swap partner (we’ve swapped before), so I was really excited. We both agreed that things that are garden-related fit right into this theme as well.

I received such an amazing package! Carrie included outfits for both Neo and Middie Blythe, as well as a bunch of cute accoutrements and even furniture!

Raindrops and Umbrellas Blythe Swap - what I received

I also had a lot of fun making things for Carrie. I had found some vintage hankies and scarves at recent estate sales, so I used those to make some of the dresses I sent. Of course I also made some handknits!

Raindrops and Umbrellas Blythe Swap - what I sent