What or who is Blythe?

She is a collectible doll with large, changeable eyes. She was originally marketed by Kenner in the United States in the early 1970s, but failed to gain popularity. It was about thirty years later that she was resurrected by the Japanese toy company Takara and became a popular collectible. A librarian friend of mine introduced me to her – that friend had a very successful business making and selling Blythe clothing and was a big inspiration for me getting into the hobby.

My Blythes:

32/52: Willow in the Wintercreeper jungle

Willow, stock Prima Dolly Ashlette (PD1A). Willow was my first Blythe. I bought her second-hand on what was then called Plastic Paradise, a message board for Blythe enthusiasts.


5/52: Dahlia modeling a new AnneArchy dress

Dahlia, stock Mademoiselle Rosebud (MRB). I bought Dahlia second-hand from a friend of a friend I met online.



Ash, @snozzberry custom mohair reroot Prima Dolly Adorable Aubrey Encore (PD2Ae). I bought Ash as a bait doll on what was then Plastic Paradise.


Ellis in the Wild Cherry Hat

Ellis, slight custom Rainy Day Parade (RDP). I bought Ellis from that librarian friend who inspired me to get into the hobby. I had always admired Ellis and was thrilled when I had the chance to adopt her.



Maude, ThriftyDoll slight custom Middie Jackie Ramone. When Takara started releasing Middies, I wasn’t super into it until Jackie Ramone was released. She was my first-ever pre-order of a new doll. I actually won her face-up on the BlytheLife blog, which was so amazing!


Foxglove Sweater for Petite Blythe

Daisy, Blythe Loves Littlest Pet Shop Petite Playfully Plaid. I got Daisy at a store (can’t remember, maybe it was Target) and then trimmed her hair to make it more even and slightly shorter.


Oates Dress for Blythe

Jasmine, factory Blythe. Jasmine was my first fake Blythe, purchased on eBay. I wanted to try to stop centering Whiteness as much as possible, including in the hobby, and since there are very few Blythes that don’t appear to be White, it led me to buy a fake. Her body is slightly more wobbly than a stock Takara body, but otherwise her quality is not noticeably different.

Sewing for Blythe

I have been a sewist since I was a kid. My mom enrolled me in the local “Busy Bobbins” 4-H group when I was fairly young, where I learned to sew by making a Halloween costume, a tiered denim skirt and other highly fashionable garments for myself. I continued to sew on and off as I was growing up (I made a lot of curtains out of bedsheets during my college years) and really got into making Blythe dresses in 2009. Right now most of my Blythe sewing is for the bi-monthly swap group I help admin.

Linden Bag for Blythe
items I made for Spring Showers and Spring Flowers Swap, March 2017