Everyone’s looking for something, right? For me, it’s usually tools that will help me do the things I already do. If you happen to have some of this stuff and are looking to unload it for free or extremely cheap, get in touch.

  • garden art/structures: arbors, trellises, and other non-permanent structures that can be used to support plants
  • sewing patterns for dolls: patterns for clothing and accessories for dolls in the Blythe-size-range, so those for Skipper work, as do those for Barbie, Tammy, Julia, Maddie Mod, Darci, Francie, Casey, Midge, Barbara Joe, Babs, Gina, Annette, and other 11 1/2″ dolls; also Dolly Coordinate Recipe books and other books of doll sewing patterns
  • miniatures: Blythe-scale minis, of course, so generally 1/6 scale, including home decor, furniture, and whatever else looks the right size for Blythe
  • fabric: tiny print quilting cotton, vintage chiffon and other scarves, and basically anything that has the right weight/hand to be used in a Blythe context; also love vintage lace and other embellishments